Yubo rolled out its 100% user verification feature

Yubo is a social media platform that is gaining the favor of Gen Z. Of course, an issue all social media platforms face is ensuring that users can safely and authentically interact with their soon-to-be-friends. Yubo has committed itself to solving that issue.

Scammers, impersonators, people with ill intent, and internet trolls exist on every platform and can ruin the user experience and compromise the point of the platform. This is why you are seeing multiple platforms behind testing user verification systems in order to mitigate these bad actors.

Yubo decided to take a bold approach to this based on their claims that safety is at the center of everything Yubo does. What does seem to be evident is that they are dedicated to innovating and pushing the industry forward when it comes to internet safety, especially among younger generations like Gen Z.

Yubo introduced a novel user age verification system and has recently announced that it has successfully implemented it platform-wide to 100% of users. This user verification has the potential to revolutionize the meaning of online safety and setting standards high for other apps to follow.

In order to implement this verification system, Yubo partnered with Yoti, the digital identity provider. Using Yoti’s advanced age estimation technology, Yubo was able to deploy a straightforward, efficient, and accurate age and identity verification process that is seamless for its users. This system only requires users to take a real-time selfie within the Yubo app and does not require any form of ID documentation. To ensure the photo is real and not pulled from the internet or online search engine, Yoti’s proprietary liveness algorithm simultaneously takes a short video to confirm the picture was actually taken in real-time. Next, Yoti’s age estimation technology analyzes the photo and estimates the user’s age. Finally, Yoti’s estimated age and the age the user input when signing up are compared. If the two match, the user’s age is successfully verified.

If the two ages do not match, users will need to go through an additional process to verify their age to ensure everyone who uses Yubo is who they claim they are. While it seems like a smooth and quick process to the users, there is actually a lot going on under the hood.

First off, Yubo actually takes a video as opposed to a photo. The reason behind doing this is to ensure that the user is providing a genuine image of themself as opposed to an online or pulled source. The slight movements and adjustments people make when taking a photo are enough for Yoti’s technology to identify as authentic.

As for the actual age estimation technology, Yoti is an industry leader in this field and is able to calculate estimations with 98% accuracy (and it is only going up).

As of writing this, 100% of IOS users are age verified on Yubo and soon Android users, who make up about 10% of Yubo’s user base, will be too. Yubo’s scalable technology is helping it to create a safer online space, while also preserving its users’ privacy and personal information.

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