Why You Should Consider Electronic Signatures for Your Business

The internet has brought about major changes in the way we work. The advent of cloud computing and electronic documents has made it easier for your business to function without having to worry about the physical location of your data.

One thing that has changed with these changes is the way in which you can sign documents electronically. There are many benefits as well as some drawbacks to using e-signatures when you’re in a business environment. Here’s a look at some of them.

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is the use of your digital identity to sign an electronic document. This includes using a smartphone or tablet to type in your name and password, as well as marking up an image of the document with a digital pen or pencil.

Pros of using e-signatures

There are many benefits to using e-signatures in your business. One of them is the decreased costs associated with managing and storing your documents. E-signatures allow you to sign documents electronically while they’re still in their original form, rather than sending them back and forth from one person’s computer to another. This saves both time and space, which can be significant issues for certain businesses that need large storage capacities for their documents.

Another advantage of e-signatures is that it makes things easier for those who might not have access to a printer or other equipment that’s needed to print out a document. Or if you’re going somewhere without your device, you can simply send the document via email or save it on a cloud account as long as it has an internet connection.

You can also use eSign software that allows you to scan paper documents and create an electronic version of them very easily. This means that if anything changes in the original document, you’ll know right away because you can view the document digitally on your phone or computer anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Finally, the use of e-signatures allows people with disabilities who might have trouble signing their name to raise a digital signature through either

Cons of using e-signatures

There are many benefits to using e-signatures, but there are some drawbacks as well. One of the biggest drawbacks is that it can be difficult to prove a signature in court. There could be other individuals who had access to your computer when you signed the document, which makes it hard for the court to determine if you really did sign the document or not.

Another drawback is that some people may be reluctant to use an e-signature because they don’t want their employers or clients to know they’re signing electronically. Finally, an issue with e-signatures is that documents are sent via email which can make them easy for others to steal and read. This could lead to privacy concerns for some people.


Electronic signatures have been around for years, and they have gained even more popularity in recent years. A common misconception is that using an electronic signature is a waste of time, but what people often fail to realize is that an e-signature not only saves time but also saves money. An electronic signature will ease the process for both parties involved, which can save time and hassle.

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