Web Design: Two Tips You Should Know

Some concepts are inflexible due to their acceptance, such as minimalism, 3D elements, and dark layouts. In addition, there are issues related to the ranking of the site in search engines, which requires that the speed of the site and the use of headers are fundamental. In this post, Comrade Digital Marketing Agency will show you 2 tips you need to know about website design for 2020.

  1. Prioritize Site Speed

Thinking about website design naturally leads us to reflect on the possibilities of innovations at the interface level. Visuals, illustrations, and other features are part of the developer’s routine. However, your role is also to design how these items impact navigation. A website needs to be as functional as it is beautiful and modern.

Page loading speed should be a priority when referring to web design. Choices should always be made thinking about how a certain number of visual elements will impact the performance of the pages. This care is linked to the UX, that is, the browsing experience on the site, whose relevance the developers understand well.

Therefore, the use of news and trends must be weighed against the greater importance of having a website that runs well on any platform and loads its pages quickly. This SEO parameter impacts search engine rankings, such as Google. Slow websites and blogs don’t get on the first page of results!

  1. Put A Descriptive Title On The Homepage

Still talking about SEO orlando seo services for example, homepages need to be more succinct and, above all, objective. When they arrive at a website, users want an immediate response that meets what they are looking for. That’s the positive feedback indicating they’re in the right environment. Using a descriptive title on the homepage gets you there straightforwardly and accurately.

There are some technical parameters to consider when designing the homepage this way. The first is using keywords, which helps pages rank better in search engines. Users will use these terms in their searches, and if the site also includes that keyword on its homepage, the page is found more easily. Ideally, the keyword in question should also be in highlighted formatting, i.e., in a heading. This is another essential ranking parameter. As for the text that follows the descriptive title, it must inform about the website or about the product or service it delivers. This content needs to be descriptive, objective, and short.

Website design has some news and the continuity of some trends for 2020. For those who work with Digital Marketing, paying attention to these details makes all the difference. Institutional sites continue to be essential in the strategy, so they must be designed modernly to favor the browsing experience.

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