Snow Removal: How Can You Clear Snow?

Snow lover or not, some situations call for those lovely snow carpets to be cleaned. Streets, car parks, company premises, land, etc., covered in thick snow are dangerous and impractical. It is important to clear snow as quickly as possible in these places and it can be done by Ninja De-Icer for example, preferably effectively. Not too fond of clearing snow? Find out here which other accessories may be a better alternative. Are you sure a thick layer of snow will no longer put you off?

Clear The Loading And Unloading Area With A Snowplow

Heavy snowfall blocks the loading and unloading area of ​​a company’s premises. As a result, materials are no longer delivered or picked up. In this situation, it is important not to give up. It’s time to act! Large amounts of snow are easily removed using a snowplow. All you have to do is fit the snowplow onto the forks. The type of machine does not matter: you can use the snowplow from your forklift, telescopic handler, skid steer loader, tractor, etc.

A snowplow is ideal for clearing large areas of snow. But did you know that you can also use a snowplow during other seasons? Cleaning sand, leaves, and other materials is also an option. This turns the snowplow into a versatile accessory that increases the return on your investment. Do you want to prepare your company for a heavy snowfall? Discover our range of snowplows here.

Snowplows Vs. Earth

An earth scraper is another useful tool for clearing snow. Like the snow plow, this accessory can be mounted on the forks of different types of machines. But what is the difference between these two accessories?

The snowplow can clear snow both left and right, thanks to the adjustable sweeping angle. An earth scraper cannot be adjusted and pushes snow forward. This accessory is mainly used in the agricultural sector, for example, for cleaning stables. Do you work in the agricultural sector and are looking for a versatile accessory capable of clearing snow, among other things? In that case, opt for an earth scraper.

Why Does Salt Make The Ice Melt?

Throwing salt on ice causes it to melt because the melting temperature (passage of water from a solid state to a liquid) decreases. The melting temperature of the water is 0°C, but when you throw salt on ice, melting occurs at a temperature lower than that.

The effect of salt from bulk road salt suppliers near me for example in lowering the melting temperature of the water is used in countries where it usually snows. Salt is thrown on the streets and sidewalks to melt the ice. This same effect can be used to make drinks colder. Liquid water conducts heat better than ice. Furthermore, the liquid resulting from mixing ice and salt is at a temperature below 0°C. All this causes the thermal energy of the drink to be “removed” with greater speed, making the drink colder in less time.


Snow clearing is essential during the winter period. Only some people like this task. Fortunately, several tools can help you get this job done faster and easier, but which is the best accessory for each situation? A snowplow is the most suitable solution for you to clear a thick layer of snow. Versatile earth scrapers are ideal for clearing thin layers of snow. In both cases, you can contact CAM System. In consultation with you, we assess your situation and look for the perfect accessory.

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