Plan Your Talent Pool and Work Now to Recruit the Best

COVID-19 has changed just about everything in the workplace. This not only includes new compliance issues such as distancing, mask wearing, hygiene and remote working practices, but also the skills needed to relaunch your business. This is an area where many businesses can get an advantage by recruiting the best talent now, beating the competition.Fortunately, a business mentor can assist business leaders in identifying new and changing themes around what is needed and how to best fulfil these roles.

 Adapting to Change

The areas in which talent will have a surge include IT, health and education, all of which have had an immense impact during the pandemic and will continue beyond the restrictions.Remote working and other advances in technology have also created niche IT markets.

Some positions will become irrelevant or redundant. If these can be identified, consider the possibility of upskilling those affected staff. Other positions will be created. As part of the future-proofing strategy, where possible you should plan for what those positions might look like and who will meet therequirements.

Whilst some larger corporations have their own HR and recruitment departments, most do not.  Unless you or your people have expertise in this area, we find it is well worth seeking out a specialist and ethical recruitment firm to headhunt or refer to their own databases to provide the best possible candidates. With so much uncertainty now, the top talent will be actively looking to the marketplace to find the best jobs for which they fit.

How Can a Business Mentor Help?

Business mentoring can assist business owners and business leaders in defining the talent pool needed for their business growth strategy. The right business mentor can also help to put systems in place to maintain and support that talent.

Once you’veemployed the best people, you need to have in place support mechanisms to motivate, encourage, reward and retain them. The best talent will be highly sought after, so don’t leave this too late.It’s a simple strategy really, but one that is often disregarded or not considered.

Of course, business mentoring and business coaching is far more holistic that just this issue and can cover just about every aspect of business development, performance and growth as well as governance. It’s of the utmost important for a business mentor to get a thorough understanding of what business leaders are grappling with, especially in these currently challenging times. They canthen assist business owners and business leaders to identify what is needed, determine the best way to find talent, and then build strategies to maximise their potential and contribution to positive business success.

By casting fresh, independent and highly experienced eyes onto your business challenges, a business mentor can be a valuable resource.

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