Mark Hauser and Hauser Private Equity’s Second IPO This Year

Hauser Private Equity founder and managing partner Mark Hauser announces the successful close of the AirSculpt IPO. Under his leadership, Hauser Private Equity joined forces with Vesey Street Capital Partners to serve as angel investors and co-buyers of AirSculpt Technologies, Inc. – the company behind the popular Elite Body Sculpture brand.

An industry leader in the field of aesthetic medicine, Elite Body Sculpture is one of the most popular providers of body contouring and sculpting procedures in operation today. The organization has built a reputation for delivering exceptional results and best-in-class consumer experiences while performing more than 25,000 of its patented AirSculpt procedures.

Developed by Elite Body Sculpture founder and cosmetic specialist Aaron Rollins, MD, the AirSculpt approach is designed to dramatically lessen the pain and trauma that often go hand in hand with the body contouring process. By leveraging proprietary methods and state-of-the-art technology, the AirSculpt procedure produces considerably less bruising, setting the stage for significantly reduced healing times. In fact, the medical professionals who use AirSculpt can deliver results without raising a scalpel, stitching an incision, injecting a needle, or administering general anesthesia.

After acquiring AirSculpt Technologies/Elite Body Sculpture along with Vesey Street Capital Partners in 2019, Mark Hauser and Hauser Private Equity put the company on course to an initial public offering (IPO) of 7,000,000 shares on The Nasdaq Stock Market (NASDAQ). Available through AirSculpt Technologies as well as certain selling stockholders outside of the company, these shares went on the market for the initial price of $11.00.

AirSculpt Technologies/Elite Body Sculpture stocks began trading on the NASDAQ in October of 2021 under the symbol “AIRS,” and the AirSculpt Technologies/Elite Body Sculpture IPO officially closed on November 2. This marked the second Hauser Private Equity IPO to close since the beginning of 2021. Beyond its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hauser Private Equity supports branch offices in Chicago, Illinois, and Los Angeles, California.

Mark Hauser’s investment in AirSculpt Technologies/Elite Body Sculpture reflect the longstanding focus on value creation that has driven Hauser Private Equity since its inception roughly 13 years ago. After relying on its comprehensive vetting process to identify optimal investment targets, Hauser Private Equity purchases a controlling share in these companies and institutes a range of founder-friendly strategies to expand market outreach while generating company revenue.

Hauser Private Equity typically accomplishes these goals with the help of quality co-investors such as Vesey Street Capital Partners. Vesey Street was particularly ideal for the AirSculpt Technologies/Elite Body Sculpture acquisition due to its vast experience in middle-market buyouts with a specific concentration on hospitals, medical practices, and healthcare insurance providers. In business for roughly 18 years, Vesey Street has positioned over $600 million in strategic assets and generated expansive returns by limiting costs, enhancing efficiency, and boosting productivity.

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