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A mature tree is often related to numerous memories, besides being absolutely important for the environment. Considering the rate at which forests are being destroyed, every tree that can be saved, should be saved. In that context, many people also have their own reasons to transplant a tree. From achieving certain landscaping objectives, to moving a tree to a new property, the reasons can vary. No matter the purpose, you definitely need a tree transplantation service that you can rely on. If you are Texas, you can check for websites like TreeMover.com, for details, and for your help, we have shared a few details that may come in handy.

Check the services

Not every tree transplantation service is the same, and it makes sense to check what a company can offer. There are many names that specialize in other things, as well, such as specimen tree supply, large tree sourcing and procuring trees for landscaping needs, and growing trees for specific requirements. You need to be sure that your trees will be protected and saved against all odds, and ask them how they go ahead with the process. The first step is typically called root pruning, and many companies rely on specialized hydraulic custom digging equipment for the same.

Don’t miss the basics

Every tree moving company must be licensed, insured, and know. Ask the company about the various clients they have worked with, and whether they have handled extremely large trees. When it comes to tree transplantation, the idea is to take enough steps to protect the tree, and for that, equipment, expertise and manpower matter as much. Also, check if the company is insured, and no matter how small the job may seem, get an estimate.

Plan ahead

The whole process of removing and transplanting a tree can take time, and it is best to plan things in advance. Make time to understand the precautions that the tree transplantation service is going to take for transplanting the tree, and whether if are well-staffed. If needed, you can decide to move and relocate trees around fall or early spring, which are preferred seasons.

Not to forget, don’t shy away from asking for references. There’s no denying that tree transplantation can be expensive, especially if you have many trees, but the benefits are real. Call up a few of their existing clients to know about their experience and take a decision after getting the estimate.

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