Loading Dock Products That Instantly Boost Safety

There are three things that no manager enjoys: damage, delays, and downtime. Your loading dock should be as safe and efficient as possible to avoid all three. In Raymond Reach forklift dealer Toronto, we follow the safety measures to ensure seamless functioning.

Risers for the wheels
Wheel risers might help level things out if your loading dock is 6-12″ taller than usual trailers. When the trailer floor is level with (or higher than) your loading dock, you have the option to:
-Improve the interior of the trailer’s overhead clearance.

-Enhance the safety
-Reduce your equipment’s wear and tear.
-In order to fit box trucks, and single, dual, and tandem axle trailers, wheel risers are offered in either 18″ or 24″ widths.

Loading Dock Plates and Dock Levelers
In order to accommodate trailers with varying heights, dock levelers, also known as pit levellers, are used. The space between your loading dock and the trailer is a major place for injury and equipment damage (more on this later). Using a dock leveller, forklifts can easily and safely drive from the trailer to the warehouse and back again.

Using a dock plate instead of forklifts might save you money on loading and unloading trailers. Hand trucks, pallet jacks, etc. can be used to move dock plates around.
With heavy equipment like forklifts in mind, dock boards are a good option for a more portable or less expensive solution.

Trailer Restraint System or Wheel Chocks
When a forklift falls through a loading dock, it is one of the most devastating and costly events. Due to trailer creep or the driver’s indifference, it occurs as the vehicle pulls away from the pier. As the forklift and its operator fall through a hole in the floor, they smash against the sidewalk below and are crushed.

Dock Lights Pallet stacking and unloading are made easier with the aid of dock lights. It’s safer and more efficient to have a well-lit loading dock than a dimly-lit dock where workers have to strain their eyes to see what they are doing.

Overhead Door for a Commercial Building
The use of overhead doors safeguards your products and personnel from the weather while also preventing burglary and insect infestation (rain, sideways rain, hail, snow, etc.).

Do you want to boost your company’s output and profits? Investing in the safety and efficiency of loading docks.

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