Learn 5 Different Ways To Create An Institutional Video For Your Company!

Corporate video done by gillespie productions for example is an essential content format for any branding strategy. Anyone who thinks it is limited to that idea of ​​telling the company’s story and reinforcing the vision, mission, and values ​​that guide the business is wrong. You can do much more with this product and engage your audience with a creative and engaging result. For this, it is necessary to explore different approaches so that the material has the right elements to attract your audience’s attention and reinforce the message that the brand wants to convey. Next, we will show you five different ways to create an institutional video for your company. Check out!

  1. Animation

One of the main advantages of animations is that they allow you to represent just about anything with ease. And, despite being associated with children’s content in cinema, they can guarantee excellent results in the corporate context. So why not use animation to make your video content more appealing to your audience? Two essential steps are the creation of a good script and choosing a trait that generates identification with your customers and the image of your brand.

  1. Storytelling

People are naturally drawn to stories, ideal for corporate video production. Through storytelling, you can strengthen your company’s image in a highly interesting way to the public. Just format your content as a story. Follow a character on a journey, relate events and use video to represent it.

  1. Customer Testimonials

There’s nothing better than bringing real people to talk to humanize your material. Invite some of your customers to give testimonials about the quality of your services or the history of your company. This initiative will make your video more authentic and emphasize how much your company cares about your customers’ satisfaction.

  1. Music Video

Music is a powerful resource because it can completely change the tone of a scene or an entire video. Using musical resources is a great way to drive a narrative and keep your audience’s attention. The interesting idea is to create an institutional video-based entirely on music. It can feature a song throughout its duration or have a musical narrative like those in theater and cinema.

  1. Creative Narration

Your video is not required to have narration. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional model by opting for this feature. Try a more creative and fun approach depending on your target audience profile. For example, you can combine this idea with storytelling and have a character narrator. Another possibility is to have more than one narrator for each stage of your content.

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