Important Rules to Follow When Choosing Del Mar Office Space

Finding office space in Del Mar for your new business may seem daunting. You may not know where to start looking and what a fair price is for your desired neighborhood. There are many considerations to keep in mind, especially if you are starting from square one. Fortunately, the following rules will clarify the commercial leasing process in Del Mar and guide to make a smarter decision for your business:

Determine the Amount of Space you Need

You would not want to pay for a Del Mar office space for lease you don’t need or agree to one you will outgrow long before the end of the lease term. Because your office will be priced by the square foot, consider the number of employees you have and how much every employee needs. On average, you would need 125 square feet per person.

Start Your Search Early

Try to start looking for an office at least six months before the expiration of your current lease or your expected move date. Leasing an office is a big decision to make. You do not want to feel rushed into making a decision you will only regret later.

Partner with a Broker

While you can arrange to lease an office space on your own, it not an advisable course of action. Finding a space that fits your needs can be time-consuming and complicated. And even if you find the ideal space by yourself, you still want somebody to negotiate the best deal for you.

Brokers can create listings for you based on your criteria and facilitate every aspect of the leasing process. A tenant broker will represent you and work in your favor.

Make Room for Growth

If you will commit to 5-7 years to an office space, ensure it offers flexibility.  You must negotiate for a Right of First Offers as well as expansion and growth rights. Think about taking an extra common area or conference space that you can repurpose later. Look for an office building that has big communal areas and atriums that are conducive for meetings.

Ensure the floor plans don’t have too many walls or hallways and pay attention to the building’s occupancy. Never commit to leasing a building with a historically high vacancy rate. Keep an eye out for new developments in your desired neighborhoods. If you find a neighborhood that fits your business, try to be one of the first tenants there.

Think About the Commute

A lot of employees are dual working households so they value time significantly. Once you have established your target labor pool or where most of your workers work, concentrate on commercial properties convenient to areas that accommodate this group.

When choosing your new office location, consider things such as the cost of living in local communities and if the community offers logistic solutions such as daycare centers and after-school programs. Examine the school systems and their rankings.

Moreover, find offices that have mass transit options to make meetings in a big city more convenient. Commercial properties that offer shuttle service to and from mass transport stops are convenient and speak great things about the landlord.

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