How Will Call Centres Embrace the Post Covid World?

It was no surprise that when lockdown happened and suddenly a vast majority of people were asked to work from home from one day to the next that there was a difficulty in doing so. Many companies were ill equipped to keep track of employees, whilst on the flip side, many people found that they could maintain (or even improve) the standards of work that they were producing when given the responsibility to work from home. One sector that was a little bit more prepared than others was the call centre sector, where professional teams of call centre agents act on behalf of companies all the time when interacting with customers, potential customers and suppliers without experiencing a drop off in standards.

Despite many of the big call centres in the UK having a system in place that relies heavily on on-site technology and applications, it was possible for them to move to the cloud and provide cloud-based solutions that would help contact centre agents work remotely in a secure and effective way. With the pandemic still here, and probably here for some time, we are now looking at ways in which we can all work safely from home whenever lockdowns are required, or as a more long-term solution for the foreseeable future. There are challenges of course but contact centres and the essence of the services that they offer are more likely to be well equipped to maintain high standards in this new and challenging climate.

Budgets allowing, cloud technology is the way forward for contact centres to maintain the levels of employment and capacity without experiencing a diminishing power when it comes to performance output. Omni-channel tools of engagement within the organisation and safe, secure and effective means of communication with customers mean that the service can continue without much interruption.

Customer expectations have remained as high as before the pandemic, even more so when lockdown first began, and people were at home the vast majority of the time. Demand for products and services remained, and therefore customer service teams and call centres were still in demand. For many companies there was a pressing urge to hire or retain the services of excellent customer service teams to ensure that customers remained happy and satisfied in such an intense situation.

The way in which the world has completely transformed in the last year could not have been foreseen to any degree of accuracy. Pretty much every industry has had to embrace change in the post-Covid world and with redundancies seen in call centres and every other line of work in recent months, it will be interesting to see how we all change our approach in the coming months and years. One of the biggest changes that we have all seen is that so many of us are capable of working effectively from home, without standards diminishing to any real extent. This has been typical in so many industries, but here we are going to take a look at how call centres will evolve and remain an integral part of many businesses and the approach that they take to customer interactions.

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