How to achieve more 5-star online reviews?

You want extra online reviews because you know they will bring you more leads, customers and referrals. You are mostly fighting for clients’ attention, and it is hard to both maneuver through the noise and get them to take measures.

It is possible to earn five star review, more sales and driving leads.

Where should you focus on your online review attempt?

It is always best to spend the magnitude of resources (money and time) where your customers and potentials are most likely to connect with you.

If they spend most of their time on Facebook, begin there. If they always go to Google before making it to your website, select Google. Suppose they evaluate you and others on Twitter before deciding to focus there. The bottom line gets in touch with them on all their social media platforms.

In other words, you will require a solid understanding of your potential customer persona and the customer purchasing journey.

To get the five-star online review, following these extraordinary steps;

  1. Offer something amazing

If you want beings to say nice things about you, give them the reasons to do so. The most forward way is to create incredible client experiences that will leave customers thinking, “Oh! I really like that.” You can also create a customer experience quote.

It is done by;

  • Creating the best product in the market
  • Offering the best services in your industry
  • Ensuring that customers become better after working with you
  1. Request for the review

70% of clients are willing to leave you a review if you request. And 76% of the people you ask will do it. So when you request 100 happy clients for reviews the right way, you will expect to earn about 53 of them.

Be appreciative, explain why it matters, keep it simple, disclose any incentives, including the links, and you will be good to go.

  1. Choose your communication channel

Customers choose to communicate in various ways via different channels, and you will be able to get more 5-star reviews by being flexible. You can send a text asking for a review and do a follow up with an email.

It offers you good coverage in the two places clients are most likely to view. If you have a physical outlet, you can also request reviews at the counter (offering a discount for check-ins and reviews is adequate).

  1. Monitor the feedback

Whenever you get a current review, do the following;

  • Thank the person for their review
  • Address their feedback, whether good or bad
  • Keep your promise

Parting shot

When you are active online and communicating regularly with clients, you build relationships and foster engagement with them. The more you do, the lighter it will be to get online reviews, and the better will those reviews be. It will also alter your search engine rankings and your inbound sales and marketing.

Keep all this in mind, and you will be sure to get more 5-star online reviews for your business.

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