Here are the Most Common Workplace Accidents

Accidents happen everywhere. They can result in loss of life, high cost of treatment, and incapacitation. Although some are unavoidable, you can still prevent most accidents.

This involves taking proper precautions and security measures. It’s the mandate of employers to keep their employees safe and protect them from any workplace danger.

Here are some common types of accidents in the workplace.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Some of the causes of trips, slips, and falls in a workplace include a wet floor, scattered debris, uneven or unstable floor, and poor lighting. The injuries you can sustain from falling include broken bones, spinal cord injury, soft tissue damage, and traumatic brain injury.

Slips, trips and falls are preventable. Employers should train and equip their staff to clean up spills, debris, and dry wet floors more often. Mark uneven decks, flooring and other hazards that you cannot adequately address.

Hire an emergency cleaning service to clean up the surfaces that need special cleaning equipment. Your workplace should also have non-slip mats in doorways and other slick surfaces.

Accidents Related to Manual Works

Manual works involve the use of energy and skills. It involves pulling, heavy lifting, carrying, pushing, and moving various tools and equipment. You can get injured because of overexertion.

Overexertion can lead to prolonged physical harm. This starts from lower-back injuries to chronic pain in the joints caused by wear and tear.

Also, people who drive as part of their jobs are prone to motor vehicle accidents. Accidents related to the motor vehicle may result from negligent driving, inclement weather, and automotive equipment fault.

The right way to avoid such accidents and overexertion is to handle such strenuous jobs properly. You can also wear personal protective equipment to keep yourself safe.

Workplace Violence

Act of violence in a workplace can lead to severe injuries. A worker can bring domestic violence into a workplace which may erupt a dispute between co-workers. Office politics and other sensitive issues can also lead to workplace violence.

Workers dealing with the public, such as security personnel, are more exposed to their workplace’s violent situation. They may face assaults from the customers or other intruders, which may lead to injuries.

Employers must train their workers on how to interact with their colleagues peacefully. There should be a communication channel to report any suspicious activities in the workplace.

Electrocution and Burns

Working around exposed cords and wires leads to electrocution injuries. Workers who are working around power lines are more exposed to injuries at their workplace.

You can also harm yourself in the workplace if you come in contact with a faulty electrical outlet. Your employer should provide proper warnings to places that contain electrical hazards.

Furthermore, hazardous substances which are not marked and secured can cause burns in the workplace.

Such accidents can be avoided by putting warning stickers and warning signs of such dangerous substances. Put on personal protective equipment when working in such an environment.

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