Eight Important Features You Should Check Before You Buy a Tractor

Tractors are complicated pieces of equipment with a lot of moving parts. Knowing what to think about when planning to purchase one can be intimidating. If you have been looking for the best tracteur kioti, this guide will help you understand what to check to ensure you end up with a reliable machine. Before you buy a tractor, make sure to check the following features:


A tractor’s engine offers the energy it needs to get the job done. The strength of the engine is measured in horsepower. The higher the horsepower the more power the engine has. A well-trained salesman should be able to help you determine the engine size that suits your needs.


Tractor transmissions come in different types. Hydrostatic transmissions let you keep one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the loader joystick. This is possible while you can control forward and reverse movements using your foot. A Shuttle Shift transmission lets you pick a transmission range and gear and use the clutch for moving a shuttle lever from neutral to forward or reverse. With this transmission type, you can easily maintain a consistent speed.


If you want to use a tractor with other equipment, you must choose a tractor with at least one kind of attachment hitch. The three-point hitch is one of the most useful that includes a hydraulic lift to raise and lower attached equipment. Specialised hitches for attachments like front-end loaders and forklifts are also available.

Power-Take-Off Shaft

This device is found at the rear of the tractor. It transfers the mechanical power of the engine to another equipment that doesn’t have its own engine or motor.


The tyres of your tractor must offer heavy tractions to make sure it can work in any condition. Traditionally, tyres are filled with air; however, it can also be filled with heavy fluid like automotive antifreeze or windshield washer fluid to give them more weight and offer even better traction.

Rollover Protection

Tractors have rollover protection structures that protect you from injury when the machine is flipped over.  Good tractors are equipped with this feature to ensure the safety of the driver.


Hydraulic power can be used in many ways. With hydraulic power-steering, turning will be easy. Also, hydraulic power is used to lift attachments and power implements like front-end loaders and backhoes.


Working out in the hottest months of the year can be exhausting. That is why you may want to perform tractor jobs at night. A good tractor is equipped with a powerful headlight that will shine a path.

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