Does Your Company Use A Lot Of Energy? Discover 6 Ways To Save Energy

In recent years, electric energy has consolidated itself as one of the most expensive inputs within the industry. This increase has recently become more evident due to the water crisis we face. In addition, the environmental appeal and the search for sustainable consumption are essential points. For these reasons, we must seek ways to rationalize electricity consumption.

Does your company use a lot of energy? With that in mind, we at have prepared a list of the 6 main ways to save energy in your company, reduce your expenses and keep an eye out for future problems related to electricity. Keep reading and check it out!

Eliminate Fines

It is essential to be aware of the incidence of fines on the energy bill of the concessionaire, whether for exceeding demand or low power factor. These fines may indicate problems in the use of energy consumed or seasonality in the activation of machines and equipment. The elimination of fines can be achieved by using automatic controllers, which will act in advance, avoiding the penalty. Check out our website or speak with one of our experts to determine which controller suits you.

Distributed Generation Systems

Generating your energy can be an interesting alternative to reducing costs. Despite generally requiring a high initial investment, the system can bring returns in the medium/long term. Look for specialized companies for a project feasibility study.

Modernize Your Equipment

Old machines and equipment tend to have low energy performance, as they use obsolete technologies and are worn out over time. Similar to the previous item, we may have a high initial investment involved in this modernization, so a feasibility study must be carried out to list which equipment should have priority for replacement.

Adjustment Of Tariff Framework

Periodically assess whether the current tariff framework is the most appropriate for your company’s reality. It is common in the industrial environment that there are fluctuations in production demand, so it is essential to assess whether the tariff and the demanding contract are adequate for the new reality. In addition, another strong trend related to the tariff framework is the assessment regarding migration from the captive market to the free energy market. We can find more attractive prices for large consumers in the free contracting environment.

Maintenance Plan

First, establish a solid preventive maintenance plan, which will ensure that the performance of machinery and equipment in the facility is monitored. In this way, it will be possible to act quickly when there is a problem, avoiding interruptions in the production process.

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