Combi oven industrial

Most appliances use three methods, and they comprise of convection, steam, and a combination of both. Convection is all about the supply of heat utilized in roasting meat or baking bread. The steam function precisely steams rice and vegetables, among others. The combination of both is what is referred to as a Combi oven industrial.

Benefits of the Combi Ovens

The ovens are expensive to acquire, unlike traditional ones, but it is a worthy investment when you look at its benefits. They are smart investments due to the reasons below;

  • Condensing the cook line: The oven can easily stand in for a convection oven and a steamer oven. When its temperatures are lowered, it can perform multiple duties of a proofer, slow cooker, or holding cabinet. While buying it upfront may seem like a huge fee, and it is more cost-efficient than buying numerous pieces of equipment.
  • Able to cook more with just one oven: Combi ovens are bake to steam, roast, smoke, sous vide, bake, braise, fry foods, and retherealize making a great way of saving space or boost capacity by replacing numerous units on the cook line wholly.
  • One can control the moisture and temperatures precisely: When you control the oven accurately, you cook with high efficiency at defined temperatures and steam settings.
  • The menu can get programmed: Programmable menu is good since it allows users to manually input modes and recipes or hard load. With the press of a few buttons, you can turn complex recipes with convection settings and intricate steam look easy.
  • Augmentation of food yields: When you utilize convection and steam in your recipes, one can preserve nutrients and flavors; hence the end product is of high quality. This is the perfect way of cooking meat since it prevents the meat from shrinking by ensuring the cuts remain juicy and tender.

The three modes of cooking

An industrial combi oven has three modes of cooking in its arsenal, as stated above.

  • Steam mode

The steamer mode utilizes steam to produce a moist heat that ensures the products remain juicy as they are being cooked. It’s best suited for poaching and steaming seafood and vegetables.

  • Convection mode

During the cooking process, hot air is forced inside the oven, coming up with a dry heat that makes foods brown and eradicates moisture. It’s ideal for oven frying, baking, and roasting foods.

  • Combination mode

It ensures that the foods are cooked without losing moisture. It’s ideal when one intends to braise or stew foods. Veggies and meat from this oven come out juicy and tender with browning like a convection oven.

An industrial Combi oven is a great appliance to have in your kitchen, for you can easily program them by just pressing a few buttons depending on the type of dish you would like to cook. They also offer multi-stage cooking that allows users to cook various menu items that usually need various steps and stages while using other ovens. Visit Capic for a mouth watering deal.

Most of the programmable Combi ovens can memorize numerous cooking cycles with multiple cooking steps, and that ability helps cooking tasks easier.

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