Choosing Between Plastic Containers and Board Boxes for Your Packing Partner

There are a number of local movers and packers operating across the length and breadth of Canada. They can customize their services as per their need and can even give some thoughtful packages to choose from. However, you can find it a bit confusing to choose between the traditional board boxes and the rather new-age plastic containers. Both these options have their shares of advantages and limitations. Here’s a briefing on them.

About Availability

Both of these options are available with the affordable moving companies in Toronto. What you need to know about them is:

  1. Conventional packing boxes are available with a number of transport companies and warehouses. You can also buy some of them for prolonged use.
  2. Some websites also offer them for a very low price.
  3. You can also hire plastic containers from your service providers, or buy them.
  4. Hiring plastic containers can save you a lot of hassles. For example, you can use it to excuse yourself from disposing of the cardboard boxes.
  5. Also, with plastic containers, you will not need to spend a lot of time to pack and seal.

Packing Woes

Packing your belongings is no mean task. And it can be really frustrating when you choose the wrong boxes and containers. Here’s help in this regard:

  1. Cardboard comes in various sizes. You can get separate boxes to keep your small and heavy belongings. For example, to keep your tools, books, films, canned goods, and similar items, cardboard boxes are ideal.
  2. However, to keep the larger but relatively light articles, plastic containers can be a good choice. A professional packing agency might suggest keeping your pillows, blankets, glassware, and other fragile items in plastic containers.
  3. Specially designed cardboard boxes come with bars. You can use them to keep your dresses, coats, and other clothes.

Durability matters

Keeping your belongings safe is imperative. This calls for considering the material of your packing cases. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Look for corrugated cardboard. The most reliable and cheap moving companies in Toronto use them for additional durability. They are perfect for carrying just about any type of household stuff.
  2. On the other hand, plastic containers are resistant to water. Such valuables, like photos and electronics, remain safe in them. Moreover, if you are shifting during the rainy season, or when it is snowing a lot, plastic boxes can offer all the protection that you need.


Even after you have moved to your new place, unpacking remains an issue. If you have hired the plastic containers, then you might need to return them immediately. Which calls for a very fast unpacking. Again, if you wish to retain some of the containers for storage, then let your service providers know that. They can suggest the best products to keep your belongings. Vendors, like Let’s Get Moving, have many years of practical knowledge in this industry. Contacting seasoned companies like these would ensure that you get the best deals and services for your money.

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