Chocolate Enrobing: Knowing The Process & Beyond

There are literally endless chocolate and confectionary products in the market, and each one is made is using a special technique. In simple words, chocolate enrobing is about coating the center of the product with chocolate. Think of coated nuts for instance. The nuts are roasted and prepped first, and then dipped in melted chocolate to the right layer on the top. Conventionally, enrobing was done by hand, so the chocolatier had to make the center of the product first and manually dip it in melted chocolate, which is at a constant temperature. Thanks to chocolate enrober, also called a chocolate enrobing machine, the whole process can be further simplified. For large scale and commercial production needs of enrobed chocolate, using such machines is more than necessary.

The true flavor of enrobed chocolate products

Today, chocolate enrobing is used for making a wide range of products and also to add that extra taste to otherwise bland inside fillings. You can have these amazing candies, chocolates that have a second layer of different coating, nuts, wafers, biscuits and much more. With a chocolate enrobing machine, the whole process is simplified. Chocolatier often have a hard time dealing with enrobed products, because the chocolate has to be maintained at the right temperature, and manual work often means a lot of wastage. That’s not the case with chocolate enrobing machines. The final look of the candy or chocolate is smoother and shinier.

Other things to know

There are varied kinds of other liquids beyond chocolate that can be used for enrobing, and some of the chocolate enrobing machines are designed to use products like caramel for coating. It should be noted that enrobing doesn’t always work for products that have a liquid center, but the new age enrobers are way better and allow manufacturers to come up with a much wider range of products. If your business needs a chocolate enrobing machine, we recommend that you check for all the essential details, like capabilities of the machine, if it is energy efficient and other aspects like managing regular enrobing needs on a large scale.

Check online for more details on chocolate enrobing, and find a company that offers tempering machines and other products, so that you can start your journey of having a chocolate brand that stands out. Don’t shy away from reviewing different products before making the final choice. A chocolate enrober is definitely an investment!

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