Car Insurance Physical Damage Protection

Car insurance physical damage coverage is also known as collision and comprehensive coverage, which provides extensive coverage over and above third-party four-wheeler insurance. For those who do not know, third-party insurance is limited to damage to other people or their property. And if you get  a physical damage coverage auto insurance, you can also purchase additional coverages to enhance the coverage of your insurance policy. You can choose from add-ons like bumper to bumper insurance, Roadside Assistance, Return to Invoice cove, etc.

Such coverage comes in handy against severe damage as it is similar to the own damage component of a comprehensive car insurance policy. Further, physical damage coverage protects against incidents like damage to the insured car, natural calamities, vandalism, theft, fire, etc.

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What Does Physical Damage Coverage Include?

Such kind of car insurance shall provide the following coverage-

  1. Coverage against theft
  2. Coverage against natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, cyclones, hailstorms, etc., is covered.
  3. Coverage against man-made calamities, like riots, vandalism, strikes, etc.
  4. Damages emerging out of an accident are covered.
  5. Any damage due to fire, self-ignition, explosion, etc.,  is covered under physical damage.
  6. Damage to the car due to an animal attack is covered.
  7. Damages during transit via railways, roadways, airways, or an elevator.
  8. Damages due to the act of terrorism are covered.

What is Not Covered Under Physical Damage Car Insurance?

Such kind of car insurance does not provide the following coverage-

  1. When damage is caused by driving in an intoxicated state
  2. Damage due to any pattern of the negligence of the driver
  3. Any damage caused due to driving a damaged car
  4. Damage caused while using the insured car in illegal or criminal activity.
  5. Damaged while driving without valid documentation
  6. Any electrical or mechanical damage
  7. Any wear and  tear =
  8. Any damage outside the geographical limits of the country.
  9. Depreciation suffered by the vehicle unless protected under the bumper-to-bumper car insurance add-on.
  10. The damage happened when the car was being used for a reason other than what it was meant to be used for.
  11. Damages incurred in a war-like situation

Why Get Physical Damage Coverage Auto Insurance?

Car insurance with physical damage coverage is a protective shield you can give your car for any severe damage. It is no thinker as it allows you to make repairs irrespective of the financial crisis, as the insurance company will pay off the significant expenses of the repair bill. The following grounds emphasise the need for buying a physical damage car insurance cover:

  1. If the car is stolen, the insurance company pays the lump sum amount.
  2. Supports in getting a car loan with the help of a valid car insurance policy.
  3. Provides coverage against natural calamities in case property damage has happened. As India is prone to them, the insurance company covers any cost of such repairs.
  4. Provides adequate coverage against fire, which include reasons like an lightning strike, explosion, self-ignitions, etc.
  5. It also provides animal attack damage and malicious acts like vandalism, riots, etc.
  6. You also get transit coverage which is a very uncommon type of coverage.

Who Ideally Needs Physical Damage Coverage?

An ideal buyer can be anybody, but a contractor must have physical damage insurance as they have high mileage and a greater risk of damage operating in multiple vehicles with varying routes. Also, if you are planning to buy an online car insurance policy with comprehensive coverage, then a reliable company like Tata AIG will allow you to leverage the financial benefits and saves you from legal hassles.


Therefore physical damage coverage auto insurance is a handy insurance plan which protects over and above the third party. Moreover, it provides various unique coverages, including several types of damages beyond a standard car insurance policy. But before making any purchases, one must understand the benefits and limitations of physical damage coverage and how budget-table it is based on your need. So if you want to protect your vehicle against severe damage, physical damage coverage is your must-have.

People Also Ask

What does physical damage coverage cover?

The physical damage coverage provides coverage against theft and natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, hailstorms, and cyclones; artificial calamities, including riots, vandalism, and strikes, provide accidental coverage, fire coverage such as explosion, self-ignition, animal damage, damages during transit, acts of terrorism etc.

What is physical damage protection?

Physical damage protection is a protective shield against severe damage, similar to the own damage component of a comprehensive car insurance policy.

Is physical damage full coverage?

No, but the insurance company will pay off the significant expenses of the repair bill.

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