Forklifts play a crucial role in manufacturing businesses, where there is a need to move, load and unload heavy goods. Having a forklift increases efficiency and improves productivity. It is heavy industrial equipment that has various components and one of them is forklift batteries. For the smooth functioning of a forklift, you need batteries. If you don’t know anything about these batteries, no problem. We are here to tell you about them.

What is a forklift battery?

The forklift battery comes in a case which hosts various elements like individual cells, battery bars and battery cables. Each sells self-contained and small. It is made out of a set of lead plates. These plates are filled with sulfuric acid and packed together tightly. Each individual cell is linked to the other with the help of battery bars, which helps to complete the circuit. The battery cables are used for carrying the amperage that has been generated by the battery.

What are the safety items that should be neat forklift battery?

When working with the forklift battery you should have masks, gloves and proper eyewear. Apart from that keep baking soda or a neutralizing acid solution near you. You would also need the liquid non-metallic container and an eyewash.

What is a forklift battery changer?

These are mechanical devices which help to safely remove and install the forklift batteries. Its weight varies between 800 pounds to 4000 pounds. The weight plays a determining role in the type of changers. Some of them have wheels, they are moveable. These changers are operated through a powered equipment piece. Whereas, the heavier changers are fixed and the forklift needs to be driven to it.

What is a water monitor?

The water monitor enables you to keep a check on the battery’s water levels. It alerts you when the battery needs more water. The monitor is an essential device because it helps prevent the water from boiling over because of too much watering or permanent damage due to infrequent watering. It helps to keep the battery and forklift in great shape.

What are the risks posed by the batteries?

There are risks associated with forklift batteries. It can cause hydrogen gas fires, burning of the eyes, a high rate of electric shock and injuries because of the weight. If there is a sulfuric acid leak, it can cause burning of the skin and eyes.

What are the signs that indicate a bad battery?

The risks can be avoided when we know that the battery has gone bad. Some of the signs you could look out for are bad eff smell, post-growth, discoloured electrolyte and dished battery tops in one or more cells. If there is an issue with one cell, it can be easily replaced. However, if there are issues with multiple cells you will have to opt for battery replacement. Another sign is that the forklift is not performing to its fullest capacity. When this happens, it indicates battery issues.

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