All You Need to Know About the Travel Pass for International Travel

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only made the public acquainted with new terms such as positivity rate and quarantine but also introduced terms to the airline and travel industry. Next to ‘air bubble’ and ‘vaccine passport’, the latest term added to the list is the IATA travel pass.

For international travel, a negative RT-PCR report and proof of vaccination may not be sufficient now. According to the latest report, travellers must also present an International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Pass as certified proof of immunisations for travel.

Continue reading to know why you need to have an IATA travel pass for international travel.

What is an IATA Travel Pass?

This is a mobile application built to assist passengers in travelling in a hassle-free way according to the guidelines related to COVID-19 announced by various governments in matters of vaccines and tests. In addition, the IATA Pass allows accredited test laboratories and test centres to securely send individual test reports upon request, ensuring a safe and no-fuss travel experience for travellers.

As each government has unique requirements, including vaccination status and RT-PCR tests for international travellers, IATA passes provide easy access to patient vaccine information and testing status to airlines, law enforcement agencies, and border authorities.

This travel pass facilitates travellers’ information and helps airlines reliably and efficiently validate test and vaccination status.

  • Both governments and travellers can have confidence in each traveller’s verified COVID-19 status, permitting the safe and sound reopening of borders.
  • Travellers can always manage their data, and no data is transmitted to governments or airlines without the passenger’s consent.
  • The decentralised approach ensures that records are never tampered with, reducing the risk of storing and protecting sensitive medical data.

How Many Airlines Have Joined the IATA Approval Mechanism?

In addition to SpiceJet and Indigo, many global airlines have joined this mechanism, including Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Etihad, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, etc.

Furthermore, numerous pathological labs and test centres worldwide have also contacted the platform to provide accurate testing without compromising passenger conditions. In India, the Apollo Hospital Group has been involved in this initiative, and more are expected to join in the future.

Airline management believes the initiative will help restore international air travel and provide travellers with a hassle-free experience. And more importantly, it tracks all forged documents and fake RT-PCR tests.

A Brief About the Mobile Application

This application contains four modules:

  • Registry of Health Requirements allows travellers to find all the information related to travel, vaccine, testing, powered by IATA-Timatic.
  • The Registry of Testing and Vaccination Centres helps passengers find such centres to be screened before and after arrival and continue their trip.
  • Lab App allows laboratories and other medical facilities to issue passengers’ test results or immunisation certificates.
  • Travel PASS application helps travellers create e-passports, check the test/immunisation certificates that meet the criteria, and share results or vaccination certificates with the authorities. Travellers can use this document to demonstrate their trip and simplify their travel experience digitally.

This digital passport provides the global standard for digital immunisation certificates and makes travel easier and faster in a reliable way.

How Does the IATA Pass Work?

The IATA pass is a mobile application that informs passengers about vaccines, tests, and other measures before travel. It includes details about where they can be tested and allows them to share their test results and immunisation status with authorities in a verifiable and secure way.

The pass allows the government to validate the authenticity of vaccinations and tests and identify the person handing out the certificate. This helps airlines to inform their testing requirements and ensure that passengers comply with travel regulations at their destinations.

This pass also helps the labs issue government-recognized certificates. In addition, data collected by IATA provides information on test requirements and how to share certificates and results with airlines and border authorities safely.

Now that you know that a travel pass is important for your international trip, you must consider opting for a travel insurance policy with adequate coverage.

Why Opt for Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is one of the essential requirements before planning a trip abroad. Such an insurance policy provides coverage for various travel-related risks and, more importantly, coverage for medical care in case of illness or injury. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has also enhanced the need for having a valid travel insurance policy.

Losses covered by travel insurance include coverage for baggage loss/delay, compensation for medical expenses, and personal liability coverage. It also covers the costs that you may incur for the treatment of COVID-19 when you are outside India.

Travel insurance also helps the insured ensure that you have financial support if you face an unexpected issue in a foreign land, such as loss of passport.  Travellers’ insurance also covers losses that may occur before the trip’s start, like reimbursement for bookings and flight tickets due to the trip cancellation.


Now that you know the travel pass for International travel and how it works, ensure that you have one before you travel. Another essential aspect you need to ensure before travelling is valid travelling insurance. Ensure that you purchase the best travel insurance according to your requirements. Many reputed companies like Tata AIG provide online travel insurance for you. Simply research, compare, and buy a plan that you think is suitable for you.

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