All About Acoustic Plasterboard

When you want to soundproof a room, one of the best solutions is acoustic plasterboard. Plasterboard is also known as sheetrock or drywall, and it is used to create a wall inside of a building. Acoustic plasterboard is thicker and denser, and it helps to block out noise. There are different levels of soundproofing material added, which determines how much noise the board can block. They can be made with a high density core, which means that they are more soundproof.

Where to Use Acoustic Plasterboard

You can use acoustic plasterboard anywhere you would use standard plasterboard. The only place that people hesitate to use it is in the bathroom where they choose moisture resistant plasterboard. If your walls are stripped back to the joists, you can hang the acoustic plasterboard by screwing it to the joists. If you have a large room with high ceilings, you can place the acoustic plasterboard over the existing drywall.

It is important to remember that you need to fill in the gaps if you want true soundproofing. One option is to use acoustic tape where the panels meet and use acoustic sealant around the edges.

Living Room

You can use acoustic plasterboard on a wall that you share with another house to help dull the sound of your neighbours. Sometimes people also use it in the living room to prevent sound from travelling into the bedrooms. This is especially useful if you have a baby or young children who need to sleep while you are watching tv or talking in the living room.


People often use acoustic plasterboard in the bedrooms to prevent noise from coming in while they are sleeping. There are many noises that can disturb your sleep, including the roads, noisy neighbours, or other people living in the home. If you live in a busy area, you can even get noise from people out in the street. Using this type of plasterboard helps to create a tranquil place where you can sleep at night.

Garage Conversion

If you convert your garage into a usable room, you can use acoustic plasterboard. You can turn your garage into a playroom, a music space, a home gym, or other types of rooms, and the soundproofing will help deaden noise and insulate the room. Acoustic plasterboard is thicker than standard plasterboard, so it will offer more insulation.

The Loft

Another popular place for acoustic plasterboard is a loft. When you do a loft conversion, noise can escape through the floor, so this is a great place to use this type of plasterboard. It helps with insulation and can block noise from outside. It also helps keep heat in in the winter.

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