5 Easy DIY Standing Desks

You’re here probably because you were tired of sitting down while working or heard the scary list of health problems that come along with a sedentary lifestyle. If you want to make a positive change in your day-to- day life, read this article and make your own standing desk at home! Here are 5 easy ways to craft a DIY standing desk:

  • Adjustable Standing Desk:

The text book method is the simplest and the most affordable (-It’s literally free) way to upgrade your normal desk to a adjustable standing desk. Just put stacks of text books or other hard objects under each one of the desk legs until the height is appropriate for you. In spite of being cost free and easy, this type of desk maybe be somewhat unstable and it’s a little tricky to ensure that the height at all corners is exactly the same.

  • Wall Mounted Desk:

If you can source a sturdy top for a desk there isn’t much you’ll need to construct a standing desk. Just make a run to the closest home improvement store and buy a standing desk frame for a wall mounted desk, select the optimum height for your desk, and fit the desk on the wall. The wall mounted desk will not only be very sturdy but also quite compact for a small space.

  • Reuse a Bookshelf:

The perfect desk doesn’t only allow for an ergonomic advantage but also has plenty space for all your belongings. You can re-use an old bookshelf as a standing desk by either elevating with a new base if it’s too low or you could stand on a platform if it’s too high. The excess shelves are perfect for you to store everything you’ll need while working and if your shelves are adjustable, you can even change the height of your workstation.

  • Upgrade your existing desk:

It’s hard to let go of a perfectly good table for another one. Instead of throwing out your old one, you can just upgrade your existing desk for standing desk. There are several DIY standing desk kits available on online shopping sites such as Amazon that consists of certain hardware, which is easy and fun to fix directly on a table. You just need a screw driver and voila! The desk height becomes easily adjustable. Moreover if you choose to change your mind, it’s easy to disassemble.

  • Hydraulic desk:

Hydraulic mechanisms are extremely easy to find in any hardware store, the only challenge is to find out what kind of hydraulic system is suited for your furniture. How would you like it if your table top could easily be adjusted to any height you want just by a simple push? A hydraulic helps you do exactly that. You can’t be standing all day while working, so when you want to sit down just push the table down and all of your work bench stays as is. The only con is that it could be a little difficult to assemble this system and might require a professional’s assistance.

Now while you’re constructing your perfect work station many things need to considered to ensure physical comfort. The single most important factor that needs to be taken into account is ergonomics, which seeks to optimize the physiological and psychological usage of a piece of furniture. According to popular studies a desk is supposed to be at or just above the user’s elbow level otherwise it causes unnecessary strain and skews posture. If you choose to sit down at times you might want to consider investing in an ergonomic chair that is also conducive to proper posture.

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